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April 10, 2008, Bristol, Rhode Island

Dear Friends:

We have been working hard for the last several months to complete TrainMinder. While we were hoping to have TrainMinder ready by now, we have come to the conclusion that we will not be able to deliver TrainMinder in time for the upcoming April York meet.

Quality is very important to us and certain features and datasets just aren't ready. We know this is disappointing to all our dedicated friends and past customers. We are disappointed as well. Nevertheless, we are continuing with product development and we are excited about the product we are building.











The TrainMinder project is a labor of love that has unfortunately been fraught with various outside difficulties.  It seems like every time we set aside time to work on the project on a dedicated basis some outside event —  business and/or personal — has set us back. TrainMinder has not been the difficulty; other outside projects/disturbances have been.

So, we will be at York, and we will answer your questions, but we won't have a product to sell.  There is not much more to say than that, other than we are sorry for the continuing delays.

When we resume work on the product, we will send out a long-promised mass email and will update the progress list our website.  (If you haven’t already signed up for our updates, please click this link to get on the list.)

Until then, please stop by and see us at York in the Orange Hall at Booth JJ-08.

Steven J. Serenska






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