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TrainMinder is a software system that helps toy train collectors:

  • Keep track of the pieces in their collections;
  • Calculate the value of their collections for insurance and other purposes; and
  • Relate their personal collections to the current toy train market — as observed in online auctions, train show prices, and dealer advertisements.

Although trainMinder’s proprietary market analysis algorithms reflect the absolute latest in market pricing, trainMinder’s foundation is grounded in the gold-standard pricing guides of the hobby.

And that’s just the beginning.












TrainMinder goes further than other toy train inventory systems by letting collectors understand the value and rarity of their trains in relation to:

  • Trains being sold on eBay;
  • Trains offered at train shows, collectors’ societies, etc.; and
  • Trains held in other private collections!

TrainMinder also delivers breaking toy train news every time the system’s prices are updated!

Screen shots and features lists will be posted on the Detailed Features List page as soon as they become available.  Please be sure to check back often or use our updateMinder notification service.






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