Unlike the lady on the subway, we try to respect the privacy of others.  Our privacy policy is both serious and straightforward. Please scroll down and give it a look.











It’s easy for us to be perfectly clear about how we intend to use your email address (and any other information you share with us):

We will only use your email address to contact you with
significant announcements concerning trainMinder.
Furthermore, we will only do this if you give us your permission.

In other words, we won’t sell your email to big train dealers, or to train collector clubs, or to email list compilers, or to anyone else.  It’s your email address, not ours.

We would appreciate your sharing your email with us, however, because we’re a small company.  Email is one of the few ways we have to get our message out without having to spend our children’s inheritance on advertising.

Thank you for your understanding.







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