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Can a software product have a philosophy?






If it doesn’t, it’s probably not much of a software product!






The trainMinder philosophy starts with the understanding that we have to add value.

We have to help you organize the trains that you have.  We have to deliver information to help you acquire trains you don’t have. Yet.

We have to arm you with information to make you a better bidder at online auctions.

We have to help you get in touch with other collectors.

In short, we have to enhance your complete collecting experience.











The little guy on the steps has two big issues that trainMinder can help solve:

  • First, he’s got so many toys, he’s not even sure what to start playing with! TrainMinder would give him a crystal clear view of the breadth, depth, and value of his collection.
  • Second, he’s all alone!  Using trainMinder’s unique LikeMinder feature, he can instantly see where his collection stands relative to other like-minded train collectors.  Does he have a big collection, or average?  Does he have more rare pieces than the next guy?  Does his friend have the piece that he’s wanted since way back when?

With trainMinder, a toy train inventory system is just the start.  TrainMinder adds value by delivering information about your collection ... including information you didn’t know was available.

Maybe the best summary of our philosophy is:

“We help you understand more about your collection
than you did before you met us.”

If we don’t, you have every right to trudge back up the steps and tell us to come back another day.






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