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TrainMinder is the most feature-rich collection management software
for sale anywhere.

This confident statement is made by developers who have almost 20 years of experience in writing toy train inventory We are now near enough to the product’s formal release to present the trainMinder feature list.

TrainMinder is loaded with helpful, easy-to-use features, but its core purpose is to help users inventory and manage their collections as simply, easily, and quickly as possible.

  • Users who just want to “take an inventory” will be pleased by TrainMinder’s “Speed Entry” feature.
  • Users who want to take more time to fully document their collections are in for, well, a real treat.

Regardless of how you intend to use TrainMinder, we’re sure you’ll appreciate all the product has to offer.











TrainMinder’s features are presented below, organized as they will appear in the final, shipping product. When reviewing the list, there are a few notes concerning our presentation:

  • Features that have a link in their description can be previewed on the TrainMinder Screenshots page
  • Features marked with a red check mark “” are TrainMinder firsts.

Please keep checking this space as new features will be added all the time!

Build Your Collection

TrainMinder provides several convenient ways to add toy train items to build your collection inventory:

  • Add Items from Price Guide – Enter trains into your collection directly from the Greenbergs Guides.  Preview it Now!
  • Add Your Own Items – Enter trains or train-related items not found in any published guide!
  • Add Items to Your Shopping List – Enter trains you’re looking for to a Shopping List that you can take to meets, shows, etc.
    •  The Shopping List screen is connected to LikeMinder (see below) and lets you
             know what other TrainMinder users are paying for the same item!

  • Add Items to Your For Sale List – Enter trains you might want to sell to a convenient “For Sale” list.  Preview it Now!
  • Speed Entry – Enter trains as easy as 1-2-3:  Preview it Now!
    • 1. Point to an item on TrainMinder’s master list
      2. Specify the condition
      3. Confirm the price .... and you’re done!

Each entry option above also allows you to enter other important information concerning your trains:

  • Photos – Enter digital photos simply and easily to complete your insurance documentation Preview it now!
  • Multiple Conditions – Use the TCA’s traditional grading system (i.e., New, Like New, Excellent, etc.) or the newly revised system (i.e., C10, C9, C8, etc.) as you prefer!
  • Companion Items – Enter items that accompany your trains such as display cases, packing crates ... you name it!
  • Other Info – Enter a variety of other information about your trains such as the box(es) they are stored in, where you bought them, maintenance info, and more!
  • Notes – Complete your collection’s documentation by entering any notes you’d like.

All information can be viewed in any of TrainMinder’s views and reports.

View and Print Your Collection

TrainMinder provides dozens of ways to view or print your collection:

  • ViewMinder – TrainMinder ships with 18 different views and reports, but if there’s another way you’d like to “slice and dice” your collection, ViewMinder will lead you through designing a new report or view quickly and easily. You can specify the columns you’d like to see on your report, how you’d like everything sorted and subtotaled, and more. Preview it now!
  • Master Train Listings – Shows trains available from one or all manufacturers.
  • Holdings Listings – Shows your collection as a simple list or in great detail ... your choice! Preview it now!
  • Shopping and For Sale Lists – Shows items you’d like to purchase, items you have marked for sale, prices you’ve gotten from past sales, and a full list of your customers and vendors!
  • Storage and Maintenance Reports – Shows packing lists, trains ordered by set or your own item numbers, and full maintenance schedules for every item in your collection.
  • Collection Information Reports – Shows items in the order you entered them, items you have flagged, unique items you have entered, and more.
  • Analysis Reports – Analyzes the total value of your collection, how well your collection has held its value over time, and more. Preview it now!

All views in TrainMinder can be seen on the screen or sent to the printer!

Manage Your Collection

TrainMinder’s “Tools Menu” offers a dozen different ways to get to know your collection better:

  • PriceMinder – TrainMinder constantly checks the TrainMinder Central Server for price updates, new product catalog information, and new program features.  All data is downloaded automatically via the Internet and is updated in real-time.  You’ll never have to fool around with “price update disks” again!
  • QuickFinder – Can’t remember the Catalog Number for a boxcar? Use QuickFinder to locate it in a snap!
  • LikeMinder – Ok, we’re biased, but we believe LikeMinder will revolutionize toy train collecting.  If you are willing to indicate — anonymously — what you paid for a particular train, you will be able to see what other anonymous collectors paid for the same train!  TrainMinder’s centralized server will keep track of current prices and will exchange this information among all TrainMinder users who elect to participate in the LikeMinder program.  Concerned about privacy?  You can turn the LikeMinder feature off ... but then you’ll miss out on the action!
  • Import – TrainMinder has a built in utility that will import your train data from a variety of formats, including directly from competitors’ inventory management systems. TrainMinder will import all trains in your collection, your notes, your photos ... every single byte you’ve ever entered!
  • Export – TrainMinder will also let you export your collection data to a variety of popular formats including MS-Excel, MS-Access, MS-Word, HTML, XML, etc.  Export your Shopping List to your PDA and take it to train meets!
  • Backup / Restore – TrainMinder has a built-in backup and restore facility that will save your collection’s data directly to CD-ROM, DVD, or another hard drive.  In this day and age of space-consuming images and photos, being able to backup your inventory to a CD is a lifesaver!
  • Customer / Vendor Address Book – TrainMinder also lets you keep track of your customers (people who’ve bought trains from you) and your vendors (people you buy trains from).
    •  TrainMinder’s Address Book will also list all the trains you’ve either bought or
           sold from every person in your TrainMinder address book.

  • SkinMinder – Don’t like the look of the standard Windows screens?  TrainMinder comes pre-loaded with over two dozen “skins” that allow you to customize the appearance of your TrainMinder. Preview it now!

The features above will ship in Version 1.0 of TrainMinder.  Like the tight space on the crowded subway car at the top of this page, there’s only so much time available in a software development project, so we’re capping the features list to get the product out to you.   Our plan is to start out with a gorgeous product that accomplishes its mission elegantly and effectively. With this approach in mind, It is essential that we get your feedback in order to prioritize future features we’d like to add.

Please send us an email to let us know your thoughts concerning TrainMinder’s feature set and check the trainMinder Delivery Schedule every so often to see how we’re doing.  If you prefer, you can sign up for our automated UpdateMinder notification service that lets users know when something new and interesting has been published.






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