We’ve got our eye on the clock...





Our eyes are still on that clock, and we know that with each passing day, we’re not shipping product.

Please know that we are now working on TrainMinder upwards of 12-16 hours a day and nothing has a higher priority. We simply aren’t finished and that’s all there is to it...

While we will no longer be publishing a delivery schedule, we are getting close enough that we will update this website to let everyone know the latest about TrainMinder.

Our chief challenge as software publishers is to design a product that is easy to use, works on every machine in every user’s location, and results in the fewest amount of tech support requests possible. If we achieve these goals, both we (the publishers) and you (our users will be happiest.

Unfortunately, it just takes time.











In lieu of a project time line, our plan is to continue working on the product, but to update this website as we go. From now until the product ships, we will be working according to the following schedule:

  • Finish programming trainMinder’s major features
  • Distribute product to a small number of Alpha testers (updateMinder notification will be sent at this point to let everyone know our progress)
  • Complete programming all features
  • Begin full Beta Testing (updateMinder notification will be sent to let everyone know a key milestone has been reached)
  • Develop conversion program to import data from competitors’ products
  • Develop Help Content and Product Manual, Documentation, and Packaging (updateMinder notification will be sent to let everyone know another key milestone has been reached)
  • Begin taking credit card orders via the Internet

We will update our progress by ticking off items on our features list. Please check this space for updates or sign up for our UpdateMinder notification service.

We are also now taking names and order information.  When trainMinder ships, orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis, so please visit our Order Signup Page to get on the list!






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